Eddie is a member of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, who loves to eat. Before he joined the dojo, his


mom made him attend Ms. King's Dance Academy and play the cello. You will often hear Eddie say "My body was not made to Mambo!" or "Players, don't play the cello." Eddie would always get pinned down or flipped by Marge - the school lunch lady who takes classes at Bobby Wasabi also. Once Eddie was blackmailed into pulling silly pranks on his friends by Truman - a bratty kid whose dad owns the security system at the Bayview Mall. Eddie along with Milton, Jack, and Kim can' t dance to save his life. Although his signature move is "The Dougie." You will always see Eddie wearing a necklace made of air freshners, he has a different scent for every week. If the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy were to ever close or shut down, then Eddie's mom would send him back to Ms. King's Dance Academy.

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